A Bit About Me

Hello Everyone! I see tons of new faces and thought it’d be a good time to re-introduce myself. My name is Tori and I’m an artist and Graphic Designer in the Cleveland Area. I’ve always loved animals and started volunteering at City Dogs Cle over a year ago and it’s honestly been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve been an illustrator for a while and had considered doing portraits of people’s pets for a long time but during this year I was temporarily furloughed from my job and decided to take the leap into making my own little side hustle incorporating my two greatest loves.

Your kindness and generosity have allowed me to offer my time and services to animals in need and given me the courage to keep pursuing what I love.


*Here is me volunteering and with my own dog Pippa (who I don’t know if you can tell is NOT a cuddler but gave in for .5 seconds in this photo)


Please share my page on Facebook, and if you feel moved to or if you know of any other places/shelters/charities, etc that might benefit from my work do not hesitate to reach out ❤